Essel World is a well-known amusement park situated on the outskirts of Mumbai. Read this article to know more about Essel World, its main attractions and infrastructure and more.

Essel World

Location: Gorai Island, Borivali, Mumbai
Famous For: Fun rides, sports activities and games
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Manori Beach, Kanheri-caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park
How To Reach: Trains from Malad and Boravali station will help you reach the amusement park. Buses to Gorai Creek and Marve Beach will also take you to the peripheries of Essel World.
Timings: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays; 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekends.
Entry fee: 390/- to 490/- for children; 590/- to 690/- for adults; 290/- for senior citizens

Essel World Mumbai
Essel World was built in 1986 by Subhash Chandra of the Essel Group. Most tourists, who visit Mumbai, always make it a point to visit this magical place. Situated in the Gorai Island, Essel World is the biggest and one of the first amusement parks in India. This amusement park is popular for its colossal infrastructure and several exciting dry and wet rides. Among all the fun activities that can be enjoyed, the ice skating ring, discotheque and bowling alley serve as the prime attractions for people. The park has several rides that cater to all age groups. A perfect destination for all, this place attracts almost 10,000 visitors every day. The best feature of the Essel World Amusement Theme Park is that it is open 365 days. There are also avenues for shopping and food courts for people looking for a holistic experience. Truly an adventure for anyone who visits, Essel World is another world indeed.

Main Attractions
There are several high-adrenaline, fun rides catering to various age groups. Dry rides, wet rides, a discotheque and a massive food court are some of the many attractions of this amusement park.

Family Rides
Family rides are one of the prime attractions of this park. These rides specifically cater to all the members of the family and are great options for those looking for sober, slower options for rides. Some of the best family rides at Essel World are:
  • Monsters in the Mist
  • Mirror Maze
  • Zipper Dripper
  • Highway Cars
  • Crazy Cups
Adult Rides
The adult rides are electrifying, adrenaline pumping and exciting! Most of these rides either necessitate a certain height requirement or adult supervision. Here is a list of some of the exhilarating adult rides at Essel World.
  • Slippery Sultan
  • Hoola Loop
  • Super Telecombat
  • Slam Bob
  • Rock N Roll
Rides For Children
Children rides at Essel World are equally enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the rides for children are:
  • Children's boat ride
  • Happy sky
  • Rio Grande Train
  • Mini Telecombat
  • Play Port
Essel world is situated on a vast and luxurious expanse of greenery. The whole amusement park covers an area of 64 acres and is located off city limits on a small island. The structure of this amusement park is designed according to international schemes and standards.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Essel world is from October to March.

How To Reach

By Road
One can drive to Essel World by car by taking the Western Express Highway. Make sure to drive down through the Mira-Bhayander Road. You can also hire a taxi from the city. There are buses that go to Gorai Creek frequently and from there, you can board Essel World's ferries, which will take you to the park.

By Rail
Local trains going to Malad and Borivali station are ideal because this is where you need to disembark if you intend to go to Essel world. From here, you can take any public transport of your choice and board a ferry to Essel World at Gorai Creek.

Essel World is the ultimate tourist destination for tourists who visit Mumbai. Amazingly organized and extravagantly designed with several features, this amusement park never fails to provide the enjoyment and energy that every tourist looks for. If you are looking for a fun-filled experience with your friends and family, then Essel World is the place to be this year!