Mumbai has a strong network of local transport, which includes trains, buses, taxis and auto rickshaws, and with the help of these you can get in or around the Mumbai city with ease. Know more on it.

Mumbai Local Transport

Mumbai Buses
Mumbai is undoubtedly crowded and stuffed with traffic, but even then a civilised city. Getting in and around is simple if few rules are religiously followed. The excellent public transport network is easily accessible and fairly cheap. Those big red double-decker buses, the black-and-yellow taxis are efficient and convenient to get you to any place; also, the rates are perfectly reasonable. The suburban train system of Mumbai works flawlessly the entire day except 1 am to 4 am. This capital city of Maharashtra has the largest organised bus transport system amongst other Indian states. This disciplined transportation arrangement makes travelling in Mumbai through public transport pretty comfortable. The people of Mumbai even prefer travelling by public transport, because the traffic caps their idea of churning the wheels of their own vehicle.

By Local Trains
Mumbai has two lines that provide services to the suburban traffic from eastern and western suburbs. Local trains are said to be the lifelines of Mumbai, as over half a million make their way to their destinations. These locals run round the clock (except 1 am-4 am) every few minutes and facilitate you with both first and second class travel. The two types of trains that run on these lines are fast locals and slow locals. Fast locals stop at selective stations, whereas the slow ones take a halt at every station. The first class tickets cost almost four times the fare of second class coaches. The travelling part in second class is a tough cookie during the peak hours; these trains also have separate compartments for ladies. But then locals happen to be the fastest way to travel.

The bus service of Mumbai is supposed to be the best in India. It is run by Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company (BEST), whose network is so vast that it links literally every nook and corner of the city. The red double-decker buses are comfortable, cheap and safe. The top of these double-decker buses are the best to explore the city in the rush hour. It provides you with a fine view of the actual Mumbai.

The most relaxing way to travel is the black and yellow taxis, which can be spotted everywhere, down the lane. The cabbies are friendly and helpful. The fares are to be paid by the metre only. A tip for the driver is optional. And if you are out of those suited booted ones, for the business meets and do not want the Mumbai heat to spoil your cool; hire a Cool Cab. These are air conditioned cabs, undoubtedly comfortable and expensive.

Auto Rickshaws
If you are not in a hurry, you can even have an auto rickshaw ride to your destination. These auto rickshaws can be seen in suburbs of Mumbai. The skilled drivers will zip their way out through the narrow lanes. Comparatively cheaper than taxis, these can also be considered as an option to commute in Mumbai.