Here's the map of this tinsel town Mumbai. Mentioned along with are the places that tourists might want to visit.

Mumbai Map

Mumbai MapMumbai, the powerhouse of Indian business, the financial capital of India serves as the gateway to Indian subcontinent. Home to Indian film industry, with so many attractions, soothing beaches and picturesque views; Mumbai sees the maximum footfall. This city generously accepts people from different religions, culture and economic backgrounds. One can experience the colours of Mumbai only by visiting here. Amidst heat, humidity, never ending rush; here lies the dreams and efforts of millions who want to make their mark in this dynamic city. Indeed it is a tough task for people dropping here for work, is to manage accommodation.

Mumbai has certainly got something for everyone, but still this multi-cultural city is at times considered really appalling due to the crowd, lack of space and for having the largest slum area. The prominent language of Mumbai is Marathi, but the place has Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi and English speaking population in large numbers as well. This city has a lot to offer to the people who visit here. One can get the hang of its cultural through its museums, theatres, libraries and galleries. This city has various water bodies that enhance the charm of Mumbai. One popular waterfront happens to be Marine Drive, where you can you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and magnificent view of sunset. Any day spent on Juhu Beach is a treat for the fun loving, as well as for those who are fond of composure. The lakes, the religious places, the ferry rides, the beaches, food in Mumbai; never leaves a tourist discontented.

So, keeping in mind your requirements and the places that must be visited from a tourist point of view; provided herewith is the map of Mumbai city, which would offer you handy information about this ever-so-lively town. This maps will provide you apt idea of the locations of tourist places facilitating you a hassle free journey, assisting you with all the marked major roads and landmarks. Have a look at the Mumbai city map. Keep it handy when out on trip to this lively city!