Mumbai generally has humid and muggy weather. Check out detailed weather information on Mumbai

Mumbai Weather

Climate: Humid
Summer temperature: Minimum: 25oC, Maximum: 35oC
Summer temperature: Minimum: 25oC, Maximum: 40oC
Winter temperature: Minimum: 18oC, Maximum: 25oC
Annual Rainfall: 1800 mm

Mumbai Weather
Mumbai generally has humid and muggy weather, which is influenced by its proximity to Arabian Sea. This proximity is the main reason for ups and downs of the temperature. The month of May is the warmest one in Mumbai wherein the temperature spins between 32 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius. Mumbai is coolest in the month of January as the maximum temperature recorded is around 24 degree Celsius, and the minimum so far has been 18 degree Celsius. Humidity is highest during the summer months, when the weather seethes. Due to the moderating effect of the sea, the city of Mumbai experiences less variety of seasons. The main three seasons- summer, winter and monsoon exist in Mumbai. The monsoon months are June to September that record the total rainfall of 1800 mm in Mumbai. The temperature during these days remains around 20 degrees Celsius, which is soothing but weather is humid as the moisture can be felt in the air. The winds from the western side are the most noticeable feature of Mumbai monsoons. This season sees high waves and rough sea, it so becomes too turbulent for the boats. The Mumbai summers are the most unbearable weather there with high temperatures and humidity because of the recently ended monsoon season. This season continues till October end. The temperature at times even touches the mark of 40 degree Celsius. The summers of Mumbai are considered most inappropriate season to visit this place, because of the agonising scorching heat. And after the warmest months of Mumbai get over, it experiences the most pleasant weather. The months of November to February sees the fall in humidity and temperature. It attains the maximum low in the month of January. The weather is dry and cool, and the temperature falls down to 10 degree Celsius. Winters happen to be the perfect time to drop in Mumbai for sightseeing and other tourist activities.

The months of March and October are warm to some extent, but still are the apt seasons for exploring Mumbai, as it's neither extreme hot nor cold. Although Mumbai can be visited anytime, but it's recommended to avoid the monsoon season, as there's water logging on the roads which may prove to be an obstacle in your travelling. So, the months from October to March are the best to visit, since the weather at that time is sufficiently pleasant. Otherwise sultry weather dominates Mumbai.