Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. This 'City of Dreams' is one of the most developed and multicultural cities in India. Read on and explore the different places of tourist interest near Mumbai.

Places Of Tourist Interest Near Mumbai

Ajanta Ellora Caves
Mumbai, formerly known as 'Bombay', is a highly industrialized and one of the earliest cosmopolitan cities in India. This multiethnic city is an entertainment hub that thrives on music, dance, films, theatre, concerts, stalls, shopping malls etc. The restaurants and food stalls here dish out exquisite delicacies that leave people yearning for more! The posh and fast-paced life in Mumbai is not without its vast historical and archaeological background. Mumbai has everything; from beaches to caves, malls to film studios and just about everything that draws tourists from all over the world. This metropolitan city is rich in history, culture, scenery and is a land of dreams that houses some major architectural splendors of the colonial era. There is so much to explore in Mumbai and a wide range of activities that will never fail to interest anyone who comes here.

Some of the most important tourist attractions in India are situated in Mumbai. The Elephanta Caves, situated on the Elephanta Island, encompass rock-cut temples, figures of ancient Hindu mythological characters and other picturesque structures that leave you simply mesmerized. If you are looking for a perfect getaway from the chaotic life of the city, then 'Khandala' or 'Lonavla'-two popular hill stations-give you just that. Another spectacular spot is 'Matheran', which is a hill station like no other. Watch the glorious sunset from the impressive 'Bassein Beach' and you would be left with a memorable experience that would stay with you for a lifetime. Situated approximately 145 km from Mumbai is the beautiful beach town of 'Bordi', which comprises of a long stretch of pure sand, swaying casurina trees and plush 'chickoo' plantations. One can also take a trip to the famous pilgrim spot called 'Shirdi', located approximately 296 km from Mumbai. Whatever be your choice of destination, these places will pull you back to this beautiful city over and over again!

Ajanta Ellora Caves
A set of 29 caves, the Ajanta Ellora caves, inspired by Buddhist architecture, are among the finest examples of early Buddhist civilization. Paintings depicting the Jataka tales and other diverse stories of Buddha come to life in these caves. One of the most celebrated tourist destinations around the world, the caves at Ajanta and Ellora are examples of unmatched artistic and engineering excellence.

Aurangabad Caves
The Aurangabad Caves are tucked between the Satara and Sihyachal range of hills in Aurangabad. Located just 2 km from the famous 'Bibi Ka Maqbara', the Aurangabad Caves are a standing testament to India's glorious past. Constructed around the 2nd or 3rd century like its many counterparts, the caves are a cluster of three sets of Buddhist caverns separated by a distance of 500 meters from each other.

Alibag, kissed and bordered by the Arabian Sea, is known for its palatial sea forts, local fish delicacies and the virgin, sun-kissed beaches. A trip to Alibag is the ideal weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of cosmopolitan lives. Located just 95.3 km from Mumbai, Alibag can be reached by NH 66 in about 2 hours. The name Alibag literally translates to 'the garden of Ali'. Located in the Konkan region of Raigad, this tourist

Elephanta Caves
Located close to the concrete jungle of Mumbai, the Elephanta Caves lie just off the coast of the Arabian Sea, situated at a 10 km radius from the bustling metropolis. One of the oldest rock cut structures in the country, the Elephanta Caves are the perfect expressions of archaic Indian art associated to the cult of Lord Shiva. Primarily believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, the Elephanta Caves

Kanheri Caves
One of the airiest places in the city, the Kanheri Caves premises offers a pleasant break from the pollution and the noisy, metropolitan life. Nestled in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali, the Kanheri Caves are also known as the 'lungs of Mumbai', because this is the only place in the city with the maximum amount of greenery and consequently, a lot of fresh air.

Blessed with a splendorous vista of scenery, Khandala is a tourist utopia. With the overflowing cascades of water, grassy hills and lustrous valleys, Khandala is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Lonavla, a sister hill station, is also located close by. As lovely as this hill station is, its history has become obscure in comparison to its picturesque

Lonavla is a popular town and a hill station in the Pune district of Maharashtra. This hill-station is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is about 111.5 kms from Mumbai. Lonavla is famous for a popular candy known as 'chikki' and is also a major tourist stop-over between Mumbai and Pune. The lush blanket of green surrounding this hill-station springs to life during the Monsoon season.

Matheran is an eco-friendly hill station and attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Known as 'Maharashtra's Gift', Matheran, with its 38 peak points, is a great getaway from the pandemonium of city life. One of the closest hill-stations to Mumbai, Matheran is around two hours from Mumbai, by road. The hill station is tucked away at the base

Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful hill station known for its perfect weather all year round. The jungles of Mahabaleshwar are known for their density and a stunning array of birds and wildlife. Mahabaleshwar was initially engineered to be a health resort. The first governor of Mahabaleshwar, Sir John Malcolm, established the hill station as a recreational

The city of Pune, located about 170 km from Mumbai, is the second largest city of the State of Maharashtra and is regarded as the cultural capital of the state. The city has witnessed some important historical events like the Anglo-Maratha War, Battle of Khadki etc., and was home to some great people like Shivaji and Tilak. Residing in a realm of picturesque milieus, it also offers a fantastic view of vibrant nature.

The 'Land of Five Hills', or Panchgani, is a distinguished hill station in Maharashtra. Located far away from the bustling city of Mumbai, Panchgani promises its visitors a trip they could cherish for life. The name Panchgani literally means 'five hills'. It was discovered by the British as an ideal summer resort. The climate here remains stable and pleasant throughout the year and the place pulsates with greenery

Shirdi is a small village situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Shirdi is one of the holiest places in India and is a very popular pilgrimage spot. This place is famous for the shrine of 'Sai Baba', which is the main attraction for the devotees who visit Shirdi. Sai Baba, who belonged to 20th century, is known as one of the greatest