Mahalaxmi temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to 'Goddess Mahalaxmi'. Read this article to know more about Mahalaxmi Temple, the things to do there, nearby places and how to reach.

Mahalaxmi Temple

Location: Bhula Desai Road, Breach Candy, Mumbai
Historical Importance: The temple comprises of three idols of Goddesses pulled from ocean.
Things To Do/Activities: Attend temple festivities, shopping
Nearby Places: Haji Ali Dargah, Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Atria Mall

Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai
Mahalaxmi Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to honor 'Goddess Mahalaxmi' who is also known as the 'Goddess of Wealth'. This beautiful temple is situated in Mumbai and was constructed in 1785. Many devotees visit this temple to offer their prayers to Goddess Mahalaxmi and the other figures of the magnificent Hindu Goddesses like Mahakali and Mahasaraswati, adorned with stunning jewelries. This well-known temple is a hot destination for tourists and pilgrims all over the world. A large number of believers throng this temple on Fridays. During the days of 'Navaratri' festival, thousands of devotees flock this shrine to witness the celebrations. Within the temple vicinity, there are various shops selling flowers, flower garlands and other 'puja' accessories. The Mahalaxmi temple is not only constructed exquisitely but is also sited beside the ocean, which is visually appealing. One can retreat from the busy city and visit this heavenly temple to experience repose and serenity.

Things To Do
  • One can visit the Mahalaxmi Temple during 'Navaratri' to witness the glorious festive celebrations. Devotees can offer coconuts, sweets and flowers to honor the Goddess during this holy occasion.
  • One can also shop here as there are plenty of stalls selling flowers, sweets and religious relics within the temple complex.
Mahalaxmi Temple is adorned with intricate designs and is structured in the most exquisite manner. The main doorway leading to the temple complex is luxuriously ornamented that adds to the beauty of this gorgeous shrine. On entering the shrine, one can see the idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi decorated elegantly with gold bangles, pearl necklaces, nose studs and flowers. Other idols of 'Goddess Mahakali' and 'Goddess Saraswati' in the temple are also ornamented with jewels.

History And Legend
Centuries ago, the British wanted to connect Malabar Hill with Worli. This was not possible during those days due to marine disturbances. It is believed that one night the chief engineer dreamt of Goddess Mahalaxmi who asked him to find three idols located at the bottom of the ocean and place them inside a temple dedicated to her. Some say that after he followed the Goddess's instructions, the Breach Candy, that linked Malabar Hill and Worli, was built. Today, one can still find the three idols of Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Mahakali and Goddess Saraswati placed inside the Mahalaxmi Temple.

Nearby Places
The Atria Mall located in Worli is very close to Mahalaxmi Temple and is an amazing place to visit, especially if you love shopping! The Heera Panna Shopping Centre is one of the most popular shopping areas in Mumbai and is sited close to the temple. One can also visit the Haji Ali Dargah, which is another popular tourist and sacred spot in Mumbai.

How To Reach
By Rail
The Mahalaxmi Station is the closest station to the temple and one can hire an auto-rickshaw or a taxi from here to the Mahalaxmi temple.

By Road
Mahalaxmi Temple is well-connected by roads therefore it is easy to reach the temple via road. Buses are available from the Mahalaxmi Station to the Mahalaxmi Temple. One can also drive through NH-4 to reach the temple

The Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai. This spectacular shrine is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. This glorious temple houses several idols of Hindu Goddesses. During the auspicious occasion of Navaratri, one can witness a massive celebration at this gorgeous temple. Visit this amazing temple and explore its divine beauty.