The best time to visit Mumbai is between the months of October and March.

Best Time to Visit Mumbai

Best Time to Visit Mumbai
Best Time to Visit: Between October and March

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay is a major metropolis of India and is the capital of Maharashtra. Heavy industrialisation in Mumbai has turned it into commercial and financial capital of India. Having the largest and busiest sea and air ports, it controls the foreign trade of India in large numbers. Mumbai is famous for Bollywood, the home of Indian films. However, before actually dropping in at the place, it would be advisable if you know the best time to visit the place. It's better to avoid the monsoon months of June to September, as during these months Mumbai is turns into an overflowing rut. Wherein October to March months are considered the best time to visit Mumbai, as air during these months is pleasant and these months are less humid. Actually, tourists visit Mumbai throughout the year. Because of its nearness to the sea, the weather of this place is by far affected by the restraint effect of the sea. Generally Mumbai sees the coastal type of weather most of the year, and is humid mostly. The temperature varies within 30 degree Celsius over the year; it's neither too cold, nor too hot. \

However, if you can bear a bit of humidity, then you must plan your trip to this tinsel town in late August or early September. These months witness the biggest festival of Mumbai, Ganesh Chaturthi. It's a ten day mega fest, celebrated to honour the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. Celebrated with religious fervour and delight, the grandeur and glory of the event is worth watching, with huge processions carrying magnificent idols of Lord Ganesha, all set to be submerged in water bodies. It is that time when Mumbai is entirely dipped in the colour and zeal of festivities. This event displays Indian culture is a treat to the eyes; the majesty of the festival can be felt only by experiencing it. During winters, the temperature varies around 25-30oC, which is comfortable enough to check out bazaars, galleries and outskirts of Mumbai. In January and February, Mumbai flourishes with fests and fairs, the classical Banganga and Kala Ghoda arts expos are the two prominent ones.

There's a lot to observe, lots to know, and lots to enjoy in this ever lively Mumbai city of Maharashtra. But the best time happens to visit this place is after the rains get over and before the summer seethes you, i.e. between October and March.