Information on local trains running on Western Line, Central Line, Harbour Line in Mumbai.

Mumbai Local Trains

Operating Area: Mumbai
Started operations: 1853
System length: 464 km
Daily Rider ship: 7 million
Operated by: Western Railways and Central Railways

Mumbai Local Trains
The oldest railway network in Asia is Mumbai Suburban Railway that started its operations in 1853. Popularly known as "locals" in Mumbai; these run round the clock except from 1a.m. to 4a.m. Local Trains are the primary and most significant means of transportation in Mumbai. The majority population of Mumbai relies on this railway network to commute within metropolis. The three lines of this railway network are the Western Line, the Central Main Line and the Harbour Line. Western line covers the part from Churchgate to Virar via Western Suburbs. The Central Main Line plies from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and schedules to Kalyan through the Central Suburbs and Thane. Kurla happens to be the point of interchange of trains at Cental Main Line. Also, a common stretch of the Harbour Line lies between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Vadala. This line bifurcates further into two, one out of which goes towards Eastern Suburbs, Navi Mumbai and ends up at Panvel; while the other line heads till Mahim on the Western Line. Bandra and Andheri are its interchange stations. Mumbai locals have recorded over 7 million commuters each day, as the route network is spread over 464 km. These trains are divided into two classes- first and second. Travelling in second class during rush hours can be a hassle to your journey. So, tourists should prefer travelling in first class. Although the ticket fares are four times in first class to that of second class, but facilitates you with comfortable journey. The Virar locals are said to be the most crowded ones as it comes on the Western line, which covers the maximum stations. There are special coaches for women in both the classes; these coaches are apparently better and safer than the common compartments. In case you are travelling in group, hiring a cab or an auto rickshaw is advisable. Mentioned below are the railway lines and the stations they cover.

Western Line Stations Central Line Stations Harbour Line Stations
Churchgate to Virar CST to Thane CST to Andheri
Churchgate to Borivali CST to Kalyan CST to Bandra
Churchgate to Andheri CST to Ambernath Bandra to CST
Churchgate to Bandra CST to Badlapur Andheri to CST
Churchgate to Malad CST to Kasara Panvel to Andheri
Churchgate to Goregaon Thane to CST Andheri to Panvel
Churchgate to Bhayandar Kalyan to CST CST to Vashi
Virar to Churchgate Ambernath to CST CST to Belapur
Virar to Borivali Badlapur to CST CST to Panvel
Virar to Andheri Kasara to CST Panvel to CST
Virar to Bandra CST to Karjat Vashi to CST
Virar to Dadar Dadar to Thane Wadala to Panvel
Borivali to Churchgate CST to Kurla Vashi to Panvel
Andheri to Churchgate CST to Titwala Belapur to CST
Bandra to Churchgate Karjat to CST Thane to Vashi
Goregaon to Churchgate Dombivali to CST Vashi to Thane
Malad to Churchgate Kurla to CST  
Bhayandar to Churchgate Titwala to CST  
Dadar to Virar Thane to Dadar  
Bandra to Virar    
Andheri to Virar    
Borivali to Virar    
Churchgate to Vasai    
Mahalaxmi to Borivali    
Andheri to Borivali    
Dadar to Borivali    
Bandra to Borivali    
Andheri to Vasai    
Vasai to Churchgate    
Vasai to Andheri