ISKCON Temple situated in Mumbai, is one of the forty temples established by 'ISKCON' in India. Read on to know all about this shrine, the things to do, nearby places and how to reach.


Location: Juhu, Mumbai
Historical Importance: This temple is dedicated to 'Lord Krishna' and the deity is known as 'Radha Rasabihariji'
Things To Do/Activities: Attend the various temple activities, chant hymns and meditate.
Nearby Places: Juhu Beach

ISKCON Temple Mumbai
The ISKCON Temple or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a famous temple situated in Mumbai. This temple, also known as the 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple' and 'Radha Rasabihariji' is dedicated to 'Lord Krishna' and was built by the ISKCON Foundation. The temple complex is sited on the main 'Hare Krishna Land' that covers an area of over 4 acres. This temple was established by Swami Prabhupada in 1978 and is one of the forty ISKCON temples in India. Fabulously constructed, this temple is embellished with various paintings and statues within its interiors, making the temple look all the more mesmerizing. This gorgeous temple was constructed to honour Srila Parabhupada's aim to spread 'Krishna' consciousness. The temple is an apt spot for meditation and prayers especially for people who seek to increase one's spiritual knowledge and add on to their intellectual development. This temple is so well-known that millions from across the globe throng this shrine every day.

All About The Shrine
  • One can witness and be a part of the revelries, chanting the 'mahamantra' inside the temple. Apart from this, the temple conducts prayers and 'bhajans' every evening.
  • Various spiritual, cultural and learning activities are held within the temple which one can either participate in or observe, thereby developing their Vedic knowledge.
  • One can witness celebrations and festive activities during 'Janmashtami', which is an important day at the ISKCON Temple.
Nearby Places
Juhu Beach is right next to the temple and is a perfect getaway from the busy city life. Chowpatty Beach is also a wonderful beach and is quite nearby the temple complex.

The land on which the ISKCON temple is situated was initially a jungle. On Swami Parabhupada's, desired to build a temple there., this land was offered to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in 1971, and on 14th January 1978, the temple was inaugurated.

The ISKCON temple houses a book-publishing house, lecture hall as well as a guesthouse for devotees to stopover. The temple is built in such a way that it overlooks the skyline of Juhu in Mumbai.

How To Reach

By Road
Several buses are available that stop near the ISKCON Temple. The JVPD Bus Depot is the nearest Bus Depot to this temple. One can also hire auto-rickshaws or taxis from Andheri Station or Ville Parle Station.

By Rail
Andheri Station is the nearest station to the ISKCON temple and from here one can hire auto-rickshaws or taxis to reach the temple. The Ville Parle Station is also located close to the temple.

ISKCON Temple Mumbai is one of the forty ISKCON temples built by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and this temple was established by Swami Prabhupada. The temple was mainly constructed to spread spiritual awareness through the many activities organized by the temple authorities. People from near and far come to explore the temple's exceptional architectural beauty and to find some solitude for themselves.