Banganga festival is a musical extravaganza which brings the entire Mumbai city into the Malabar Hills. Read further to know more about Banganga festival and the its major highlights.

Banganga Festival

Location: : Banganga Tank, Malabar Hills, Mumbai
Famous For: Music
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Walkeshwar Temple, Malabar Hills, Hanging Gardens
How to Reach: Banganga tank is easily accessible from all parts of the city through trains, buses and taxis.
Timings: January

Banganga Festival Mumbai
Banganga festival is a two-day music festival celebrated annually in the month of January in Malabar Hills, Mumbai, conducted jointly by MTDC ((Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai, to protect the cultural heritage of the country. The festival owes its name to the Banganga tank, a holy tank located in the complex of Walkeshwar temple in Malabar hills. The festival which was first held in 1992 witness the live classical music concert performances of popular musicians from all over the country. The festival also intends to promote awareness regarding preservation of the historical Banganga tank and its environment. The festival witnesses concerts and musical performances of renowned artists from all over India, enthralling the audience with their performances. Read further to know more about Banganga festival, its cultural significance and the wonders that are associated with it.

The origin of the Banganga tank to which the festival owes its name, lies adjacent to the Walkeshwar temple which was constructed between 9th and 13th century, by the rulers of Silhara dynasty. The tank too was constructed by the Silhara rulers, to store water. The temple and the tank were later destroyed by the Portuguese. However, it was renovated in 1715. As years passed, varied settlers constructed temples for various deities across the tank.

Banganga has an interesting legend associated with it. Lord Rama, who was on his way to Lanka, stopped at the Malabar Hills upon feeling thirsty. But, he could not find any fresh water source to quench thirst. It is believed that Lord Rama shot an arrow (baan) to the ground and water from Holy Ganga sprung out exactly from where the arrow hit; this is where the tank is now sited.

Major Attractions
During the course of the festival, the entire hillocks and the surrounding region is decorated with lights, flowers and decorations. The venue turns lively by musical performances and concerts by leading artists, making it a treat for the musical enthusiasts. The festival witnesses the performances of well known artists like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Ustaad Zaakir Husain etc. Music lovers from all over India flock this place either to view or to participate in these performances. For the two days of the festival, the entire area is lit up and decorated. Banganga tank also has plenty of tourist attractions nearby, including temples and complexes which form the perfect background for this famous musical feast.

Banganga festival is one of the most awaited festivals in Mumbai with millions of music lovers flocking the Malabar Hills. Hope this article familiarises you with the festival and its major attractions.