Khandala is a beautiful hill station situated in the Western Ghats stretch of Maharashtra. It is also given the label of 'a traveler's paradise'. If you want to know more, scroll down.


Location: 109 km from Mumbai
Attractions: Pavna Lake, Tunga Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Bedsa Caves, Karla Caves
Best Time to Visit: October to March

Bhushi Lake, Khandala
Blessed with a splendorous vista of scenery, Khandala is a tourist utopia. With the overflowing cascades of water, grassy hills and lustrous valleys, Khandala is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Lonavla, a sister hill station, is also located close by. As lovely as this hill station is, its history has become obscure in comparison to its picturesque valleys and scenery. There are quite a number of tourist spots in Khandala, such as the Duke's Nose peak, the Karla Hills, Bedsa caves and the Pavna Lake. This hill station had witnessed the rise and decline of powers such as the Marathas, the Peshwas and finally, the English. Blessed with a salubrious climate, Khandala is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to escape from the dreary din of everyday living. The hill station is perfect to visit from October to March, and promises a lot more fun than just the alluring panoramic views of greenery. Scroll down for more information.

Places To See
There are a variety of places to see in and around Khandala. To start with, tourists can choose to shuttle between the natural caves of Khandala, the lakes or just enjoy the cascading waterfalls on the side of the road. Apart for the magnificent views, Khandala has a lot to offer its tourists. For those looking for a bit of adventure sports, the Karla Hills and the Duke's Nose Peak are perfect for rappelling and rock-climbing. The Rajmachi Fort, Lohgarh Fort, Tunga Fort and the Manoranjan Fort promise the tourists breathtaking splendors of the past. Tiger's Leap is also one of the fascinating places of this area. For a bit of relaxation, the Bhushi Lake is the ideal spot for a picnic!

Khandala and Lonavla are famous for their fast food. The most popular local delicacy, 'Chikkis' hold a place of importance in this hill station, as in Lonavla. 'Maganlal and sons', 'Navratna Chikki' and 'the National Chikki market' are some of the best places where these popular knick-knacks are available.

Eating Out
Like every tourist destination, Khandala also gives prime importance to food and fast food. If you feel like savoring local delicacies, then there are quite a number of local vendors who sell the perfect 'vada pav' all over the town. If you are a vegetarian, then this is truly a vegetarian's paradise! Gujarati cuisine is also available aplenty in Khandala.

Budget Hotels
  • Zara's Resort
    Near D. C. High School,
    Pune Mumbai Road, Khandala-410301
    Phone: +91-02114-269163/64
  • Hotel Girija
    Mumbai- Pune Road, Khandala, Tal.Maval Pune
    Maharashtra - 410301
    Phone: 02114 - 269311
               02214 - 269322
Star Hotels
  • The Duke's Retreat
    Pune Mumbai Road
    Khandala, Lonavla 410 301
    Tel: 02114 - 269201 upto 208
          02114 - 326616
  • Hotel Vallerina
    30/C, Mumbai Pune Highway, Khandala - 410 301
  • Hotel La Revival
How To Reach

By Road
The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is the route that leads to Khandala and Lonavla. Both the hill stations are situated on this expressway and can be accessed from Pune and Mumbai.

By Train
Regular trains from the Central Railway station and the CST in Mumbai, stop at Karjat. Trains from the Pune Central station also stop at Karjat, which is close to both Khandala and Lonavla. Auto-rickshaws and private taxis can be hired to reach the final destination of your choice.

Khandala, a quaint hill station, is a great place to go over the weekend if you want to break away from the hullabaloo of city life. Besides being a scenic tourist attraction, Khandala is also known for the movies that have been filmed at this location. With the amazing fast food varieties, caves and lakes, Khandala is definitely a traveler's paradise.