Vihar Lake is one of the most sought after destinations for the tourists in Mumbai city. Read more for interesting facts about Vihar Lake.

Vihar Lake

Location: Near Vihar village on the banks of Mithi River, within Borivali National Park (also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park); about 30 km from CST.
Famous For: Migratory birds, composed surroundings; Mumbai's largest lake.
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Sanjay Gandhi National Park
How to Reach: Vihar Lake is easily accessible to the people and anyone can reach there by boarding a bus, train, or by hiring auto or taxi from Mumbai city.
Timings: Restricted entry (have to seek permission from the national park authorities)

Vihar Lake, Mumbai
Considered to be the largest lake of Mumbai, Vihar Lake was constructed in 1860 on the Salsette group of islands. This lake, situated in between Tulsi Lake and Powai Lake, meets up to 3% of the city's southern region's water requirements. The water of the lake is filtered at Bhandup in a large filtration plant to meet the drinking water needs of the people. This quiet stretch of water extends up to 27 miles from the center of Mumbai. The lake gets its water from rainwater collected in the catchment area of Powai-Kanheri Hill Ranges. Vihar Lake is situated within the premises of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and is known to be one of the prime sources of water for the city. This area is secluded and infested with crocodiles, which are often found basking in the sun. In order to gather more information about this picturesque lake, scroll further.

Interesting Facts
  • All the three lakes in Mumbai were formed as a result of Mumbai Government's initiative to store and control rainwater flowing from the Mithi river catchment.  Among this, Vihar reservoir was the biggest and the first ever piped water supplying medium for the people of Mumbai.
  • The lake provides water for the southern region of Mumbai and the overflow rate of the water is approximately 80.42m.
  • Entry to the Vihar Lake is restricted to the public since 1995 as construction works for a plant are in progress. However, those who are interested to visit the place have to seek prior permission from the park authorities.
  • If the climate offers a clear view of surroundings then the lake offers its visitors boundless scenic beauty and scope for great photographic stills. The scenic backdrop of the lake has attracted many tourists all over the world.
  • The visitors are enthralled by the presence of several migratory and native birds, serene surroundings, lush vegetation and beautiful view of the hills that impress the nature lovers.
  • The sunset point seen from the Vihar Lake is the most enchanting scene which should not be missed.  
  • Fresh water crocodiles, known as 'Marsh crocodiles', are found in this lake in large numbers. A crocodile park, with caged crocodiles of various sizes and species, has also been setup in the lake area. 
  • Along the eastern border of the lake, there are pipelines of water coming from a water treatment plant situated on the northern banks.
  • IIT Bombay is located on the southern part of the lake.
  • This region is also considered to be a constant film shooting location for Bollywood movies and many scenes of prominent movies have been shot with Vihar Lake in the background.  
  • Being located in the center of the city, Vihar Lake can be accessed easily through Andheri-Santacruz stretch or via Goregoan.
Vihar Lake, which was constructed in 1860, serves as a major tourist spot in Mumbai. Try visiting this serene lake whenever you visit Mumbai.