One of the most expensive areas in Mumbai, Malabar Hill is indeed a place worth visiting. Read further to know more about the major attractions in Malabar Hills.

Malabar Hill

Location: South Mumbai
Famous For: One of the world's most expensive residential localities
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive, Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar temple.

Hanging Gardens Mumbai
A hillock in Southern Mumbai, Malabar Hill is one of the prominent residential areas in the city. Known for housing Walkeshwar temple and Banganga tank, this hillock is situated at a height of 50 meters, highest point in Southern Mumbai. One of the most expensive residential areas in the world, Malabar Hills is home to mansions of many celebrities as well as the official residences of the Governor of Maharashtra and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Malabar Hill is also famous for some of Mumbai's most prominent tourist destinations such as Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar temple, hanging gardens etc. and also lies in the vicinity of marine drive and Chowpatti Beach. There are plenty of legends related to Malabar Hills. One version says this area belonged to a trader Muslim family (Keyi Family) from Northern Malabar in Kerala, which they had to surrender to British East India Company as truce. Read further to know more about Malabar Hills and its major attractions.

It is said that the prominent Keyi family of Northern Malabar in Kerala owned many areas in Mumbai, including the area which is now known as Malabar Hill and some portions in Chowpatti beach area. They had trade links with Portuguese, British and French, but when British started creating issues for their business benefits they made a truce with the British and donated the entire area to the English East India Company. Thus, the area became English east India Company's property.

Tourist Destination
Malabar Hill is famous for Mumbai's top tourist destinations including Walkeshwar temple constructed by the Silhara Kings. The area also houses the Banganga tank whih is believed to have sacred and holiest water of holy river Ganga. There many temples, samadhis and pilgrim centers here. The wooden pole in the centre of the tank is said to be the center of the earth. According to legends, Lord Rama pierced the earth with his arrow when he felt thirsty when he reached here. The place is also famous for the annual Banganga music festival. You can also pay a visit to the Hanging gardens which is a perfect destination for a stroll. The visitors also get the best view of the Kamala Nehru Park, Marine Drive and Chowpatti Beach from Malabar Hills.

Residential Hub
Here, Mountstuart Elphinstone, who served as the governor of Mumbai from 1819 to 1827, constructed the first bungalow. Now, Malabar Hills has become one of the posh localities in Mumbai. It is home to plenty of business tycoons and film personalities and also houses the official residence of the governor and the Chief Minister. The houses in Malabar Hills are one of the most expensive ones in the world as the location provides an unhindered view of Back Bay, Girgaum Chaupathi and Nariman Point. The Malabar House also has a residence of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan though it is not open to public due to property disputes.

Malabar House has a cremation ground located adjacent to the sea. This cremation ground is home to the Samadhi shrines of several saints. The most prominent among is of the Samadhi shrine of the guru of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj and his devoted disciple Shri Ranjit Maharaj. Once you climb the steps of Malabar Hills, you find the popular temple of the Tirthankara, Adinath. Constructed lavishly, its walls are attractive and bright and the floors of this temple are made of black marble.

There are plenty of tourist destinations in Malabar Hills. Hope this article familiarizes you with the place and the wonders that are in store.