Prithvi Theatre, one of finest theatres in Mumbai, is a tribute to Indian dramatics. It is certainly a place worth visiting and has a history worth knowing.

Prithvi Theatre

Location: Juhu, Mumbai
Highlights/Famous For: Cultural programs, notably dramas
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Juhu Beach
How to Reach: Prithvi Theatre is a renowned located and reached via local or private transports. One can catch a local bus or train or even book a cab.
Timings: All around the year (10 AM - 1PM; 2 PM - 7 PM), except Mondays

Prithvi Theatre Mumbai
To know about the theatre life, personalities and artists in Mumbai, a visit to the Prithvi Theatre is a must. Being one of the most famous and best theaters in Mumbai and also all over India, Prithvi Theatre offers an insight to the creativity that is being brewed here. Many prominent Indian actors have performed here and for many, this theater served as a launch pad. Overlooking the beautiful Juhu beach, Prithvi Theatre is one the main hubs for theatre enthusiasts. Presently, it is run by Sanjana Kapoor and her brother Kunal Kapoor, children of Shashi Kapoor, a great Bollywood actor and a descendent of the famous 'Kapoor Family' of the Hindi Film Industry. Sanjana Kapoor especially, has involved herself in the maintaining the high standards of the theatre. An active member of the theatre, Sanjana keeps innovating to enhance the creative talents of the students. She is also responsible for hosting the shows staged in Prithvi Theatre. Apart from the workshops, the 'Prithvi Cafe' and the 'Art gallery' are also worth a visit.

A Brief History

Prithvi Theatre was originally the brainchild of Prithviraj Kapoor, the pioneer of Indian cinema. He spent a lifetime anchoring the Indian cinema, and showed similar efforts towards drama as well. He founded 'Prithvi Theatres' in 1944, which originally consisted of 150 members and was set as a travelling troupe. The aim was to stage productions all across India. It debuted with "Shakuntala", a classical work, and later on presented about 2,662 plays. Prithviraj Kapoor always wanted to have a permanent theatre set up. He even succeeded in getting a land for lease in Juhu, but sadly, his health deteriorated, leading to his death in 1972. Years later, when the land was up for sale as the lease expired, Prithviraj Kapoor's son Shashi Kapoor and daughter-in-law Jennifer bought the land. Finally, the Prithvi Theatre was inaugurated on 5 November 1978.

After The Revival
Prithvi Theatre was an immense boost to the Hindi theatre in a time when English dramas had begun to prevail. The members of the theatre took all the necessary steps to support Hindi drama through this rough phase. Jennifer Kapoor, dedicated her whole time promoting and reviving Hindi theater. Prithvi Theatre allowed amateur performers, directors and artists to experiment with new styles and showcase their skills. This in turn attracted many art enthusiasts to join Prithvi Theatre. Slowly, the theatre was recognized as a place of creative genius. After Jennifer's death in September 1984, her daughter Sanjana and son Kunal Kapoor took charge of the theatre. Now, Sanjana has gone a long way following the footsteps of her mother and has become the driving force behind the activities of the theatre. She has come up with the concept of theatre for little children, which she calls 'Little Prithvi Players'.

The events in Prithvi theatre are held throughout the year. It remains closed only on Mondays. An annual 'Prithvi Festival' is held every year, in which many famous artists and maestros participate from all across India. Now, Prithvi Theater has broadened its scope for art lovers of all backgrounds.

Prithvi Theater has become one of the major talent hubs for those interested in acting and drama. It continues to motivate and brandish the theatre society, by recognizing their prodigies and sharpening their skills before showcasing them. Though many theatres have come up lately, yet Prithvi Theater has its own standing.