Mumbai is endowed with gorgeous beaches set amidst the city. Read on to know more about the major beaches dotting the city's coastline.

Beaches in Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach
Mumbai is situated on the western coast of India and is surrounded by the magnificent Arabian Sea. For this reason, there are a number of beaches in Mumbai and watching the glorious sunsets from these beaches is indeed a heavenly sight. The beaches in Mumbai are also considered as important venues for the shooting of many films. What's more, there are amazing restaurants, coffee houses and food stalls located nearby, from where you can enjoy and savour several mouth-watering dishes. Most people take a break from the chaotic city life and visit these beaches to relax with their friends and family. So, make a trip to Mumbai's gorgeous beaches, admire nature's beauty and surrender to the peaceful atmosphere.

'Chowpatty Beach' is one of the most popular beaches situated in Mumbai. Equally beautiful, and one of the most visited beaches in Mumbai, is the 'Juhu Beach', which is sited next to a posh locality. 'Marve Beach' is not only a picturesque beach but also serves as the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. One can watch and take photographs of the 'Koli' fishermen fishing at 'Versova Beach' against the sunset, which is truly a remarkable sight. 'Madh Island' is a collection of fishing villages and is an apt hangout for anyone who seeks peace and serenity. One of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, the 'Aksa Beach' serves as one of the best spots for organizing parties and picnics. The 'Gorai Beach' is named after the village of 'Gorai' and is well-known for the local, coastal delicacies offered at the beach. So whether you want to go for a jog or you are just looking for a place to unwind, there is nothing better than heading out to one of Mumbai's popular beaches!

Marine Drive
Marine Drive (officially, "Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road") is a 3km long, six lane concrete road in southern Mumbai which stretches north along the coastline, forming a natural bay. This C-shaped road links Nariman Point to Babulnath, and is situated at the foot of Malabar Hill. Known world over as Marine Drive, this tourist spot has also been called Sonapur by the locals of the city.

Chowpatty Beach
Chowpatty Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. Located in the heart of the city, this beach is most popular for its local delicacies which most people enjoy whenever they visit Chowpatty Beach. Watching the glorious sunsets from this beach is a sight worth seeing! This beach is a retreat from a tedious routine for many.

Juhu Beach
The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in 'Ville Parle'. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center and is a desired location for most film shootings. Juhu Beach borders a posh locality where most celebrities stay and therefore, it is quite common to find famous celebrities jogging along the sands of this popular beach of Mumbai.

Madh Island Beach
Madh Island Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Mumbai. Apart from being a renowned tourist spot, the beach is also one of the cleanest in the state. This beautiful beach is actually made of a cluster of little villages and farmlands situated on the North-Western coast of Mumbai. The shore is surrounded by mangroves which not only adds to its scenic beauty,

Versova Beach
The Versova Beach is another popular beach located in Mumbai. This fascinating coast, which is a continuation of the Juhu Beach and separated by a creek, is situated in the suburbs of Andheri. The Versova village is home to a large community of fishing folk known as 'Kolis'. This beach/village is famous for its fish market auctions which are held every day. During the ancient times, Versova was